April 18, 2008

CheckMate Product Label

Last year, areas along the Central Coast were sprayed with CheckMate LBAM-F and CheckMate ORL-F. The State plans on using a reformulated (but yet undisclosed) version of this spray on us this summer. Download the full PDF of the CheckMate LBAM-F product label (or right-click on the image below):

CheckMate chemical pesticide product label and safety warning

From the manufacturer's material safety data sheet (PDF):
"Long-term studies on the active ingredients have not been done, however, no adverse effects expected...Do not allow product to contaminate water sources, food or feed."
Let's be realistic about these chemicals, shall we?
This isn't some harmless "moth perfume" they want to spray. By the State's own admission, no one really knows exactly what this might do to our individual health, to our drinking water, or to our food supply. Before this stuff is dumped on our heads, shouldn't there be some long-term studies?